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Episode 484

Published on:

19th May, 2022

Episode 481

Published on:

5th May, 2022

Episode 480

Published on:

28th Apr, 2022

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Real Estate Team Builders
Profitably Scale Your Real Estate Business Without Losing Your Life!
The real estate team building world is driven by big egos who boast about how many homes they’ve sold or how much GCI they’ve earned. We don’t hear much about their low profit margins, the long hours they put in each week or the unbearable stress they endure.

I believe that if you want to profitably scale your real estate team without working crazy hours, enduring unhealthy levels of stress or coming up short at home, then thinking like a business owner, building sustainable systems, and empowering your team are absolute musts!

You won’t find any smoke and mirrors or hype here on my podcast … just real world tools, systems and strategies that work. So if you struggle to balance growing your real estate business with focusing on the areas of life that truly matter, then this show is for you.